Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Is lock snapping and lock bumping a problem in Derbyshire yet?

Answer: Yes unfortunately like many other areas of the country Derbyshire is now also starting to see an increase in both the snapping and bumping of euro profile cylinder locks, in fact figures obtained under the Freedom of Information Act from Derbyshire Constabulary in January 2013 show that in 2010 there were 12 incidents reported in the county, in 2011 there were 27 and in 2012 there were 47 and although these figures are quite low at the moment sadly as you can see they are on the increase.

Question: My door is only a couple of years old and it has a new 5 point multipoint locking system with hooks, rollers and a dead bolt surely that's secure enough?

Answer: Unless its a Secured By Design door then unfortunately it's not, all of the multipoint locking system is controlled by the central euro profile cylinder lock, this is the weak point in the entire system, once the lock has been snapped or bumped all of the locking points can be opened very easily just in the same way as if the correct key had been inserted and turned.

Question: Will my insurance company give me a discount?

Answer: Ultion locks are both police and insurance company approved and most insurance companies should give you a discount if you are seen to be taking active steps to reduce your risk of burglary, please check with your insurance company to see if you are eligible for a discount.

Question: My doors existing handles and letterbox are broken and tatty can you replace those for us at the same time as our new locks?

Answer: Yes if we can source the parts then we can usually replace your broken and tatty handles, letterbox and even the doors multipoint locking system.

Question: Do you offer any discounts?

Answer: Yes we offer a 10% discount if 3 or more lock upgrades are required and they are all fitted at the same time, this discount is only available on the total cost of fully fitted Ultion locks and not for any extra keys or other items or services that may be required.

Question: How long will it take to get the new locks fitted?

Answer: We usually need to make two visits to your property, an initial visit lasting less than an hour to measure your doors lock sizes and to talk with you about your requirements, fitting the locks on the second visit usually takes about half an hour per door.

Ultion locks come in a variety of sizes from 35mm x 35mm up to 60mm X 60mm and with any combination in between, because of this we may not always have every type of lock in stock for same day fitting, if we place an order with our supplier before 1pm Mon - Fri then we usually get next day delivery.

Question: I have an old Yale rim lock cylinder can that be snapped or bumped?

Answer: That type of lock can't be snapped but it can be bumped and picked which is why we also supply and fit the Ultion rim lock cylinder which is both anti-bump and anti-pick.

Question: How many keys will I get with my new locks?

Answer: Each lock comes with 3 keys and extra keys can be ordered from us for just £10 each

Question: What guarantee will I get with these new Ultion locks?

Answer: In addition to your statutory rights, Ultion also offer a 10 year warranty covering their locks and in addition to this we also offer you a 12 month warranty on all of the items that we supply and fit for you.

Question: What Areas Do You Cover?

Answer: We cover the whole of Derbyshire, there is however a £25 surcharge payable on all jobs outside a 10 mile radius of Derby, this is to cover for fuel and travel time.